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Electric Power Washers – Buying Guide

An electric power washer is a machine which can help you clean different types of surfaces around the house. It is normally used for lighter types of cleaning jobs because usually electric power washers have lower PSIs (pounds per square inch) than other power washers.

Buying a power washer which is powered by electricity has its pros and cons. Before heading to the store, look at the list below and see if this type of pressure washer is indeed the one that you are looking for.

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Sun Joe SPX3000

PSI: 2300

GPM: 1.76

CU: 3572.8

AR Blue Clean AR383

PSI: 1900

GPM: 1.5

CU: 2850

Campbell Hausfeld

PSI: 1800

GPM: 1.5

CU: 2700

Karcher K5.540

PSI: 2000

GPM: 1.4

CU: 2800

Pros and Cons


  • Electric power washer can produce less noise than those powered by gas. The latter relies on fuels and pumps that can get really loud when in use. This is especially true for gas powered pressure washers with higher PSI.

  • Unlike gas powered washers, power washers powered by electricity are more lightweight.You can easily carry them around as you clean. It is not as heavy because it does not have the extra parts that gas power washers have. Some are as light as a handheld vacuum cleaner.

  • Maintenance of electric pressure washer is easy. They do not have lots of parts that need maintenance. Generally electric powered pressure washers require less maintenance than gas powered ones. There is no need to replace spark plugs and oils.

  • They do not emit harmful carbon dioxide into the environment. They are powered by electricity so you won’t smell fuel burning. Because of this.

  • You can use it indoors as well as outdoors. Gas powered power washers release carbon dioxide as the fuel is used up similar to a car. If you do not want to get poisoned or get upper respiratory tract problems, it is better to buy the electric powered power washers.

  • There are no manual pull-start methods used by gas powered power washers. It is possible to operate electric powered power washers with just one push of a button.


  • The primary concern of most users of electric powered pressured washers is the limited mobility. You are limited by the cord as you need to plug it in all the time when you need to use it. Most manufacturers include a long cord or an extension cord as part of the package, but it may not always be enough for some of the things you want to use the machine for. Other problems with mobility include being unable to use it outdoors or to clean a boat as there are often no available outlets in these areas.

  • Limited PSI is another concern of most electric pressure washer users. Some electric powered power washers only go up to medium use level PSI. For higher pressure requirements, consumers would sometimes need to switch to gas powered pressure washers.

  • If you do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications, there is a chance you may trip over the cord or get electrocuted while using the machine. This is a risk that a gas powered pressure washer does not have.

More things to consider about Electric Power Washers

Consider these pros and cons before buying. Consider also how frequent you will use your machine and the type of cleaning jobs that you want it to do. Here are some factors that you have to keep in mind when searching for the best electric pressure washer:

PSI or pounds per square inch

A pressure washer’s lifeblood is usually its PSI. The right level of PSI will make all your pressure related cleaning activities a breeze. Look at the PSI of the machine you plan to buy and see if it matches the kind of jobs that you need it for. Graffiti removal, for example, will require a machine that can spew 4000 PSI whereas lighter cleaning jobs, like cleaning your driveway or car, only need a maximum of 2600 PSI. Think of the types of cleaning jobs you will use it for before checking the PSI.

Double insulation and other safety features

Electric powered power washers should come with double insulation and a ground-current circuit interrupter (GFCI) for it to be safe for use around water. This way, you won’t get electrocuted while you are cleaning the garage.

Different temperatures of water

Some electric power washers have features like hot and cold water. Hot water can be used to sanitize an area that you are cleaning. It can also easily remove grease from your garage floor and driveway.

Noise levels

Generally, electric powered pressure washers are quieter than gas powered ones. However, if you are worried about the noise, ask the salesperson about the decibel or the noise level of the machine before buying. You may need to get one, which is a bit muffled so as not to disturb your next door neighbor as they sleep in on a Saturday.


This one powers both the PSI and the GPM or the gallons per minute. A higher horsepower means higher PSI and GPM levels. Higher horsepower also means higher power consumption, so take that into consideration before buying a powerful electric pressure washer.

Push button operation

This is a nice feature that some electric powered pressure washers have. With a touch of a button, you can easily switch pressure levels and GPM levels.

Interchangeable nozzles and other attachments

A good pressure washer should allow the attachment of different types of nozzles depending on the users’ needs. Some nozzles are perfect for light cleaning while others deliver high powered direct pressure for areas that are harder to clean. Other attachments, such as a brush or a soap tank, are also among the things that you should look for. Electric powered pressure washers are great for light to medium cleaning duties like cleaning the deck, washing the driveway and windows. If you require more pressure as in the case when you need to prep a surface for painting, consider getting a higher powered power washer like a gas powered one. In the end, the way you use your power washer will be the most important consideration when buying one.